DARKSIDE - Live in Paris

DARKSIDE aka Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington is playing at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen tomorrow. And luckily I got a ticket for their show. I have been listening to their debut album quite a lot, and think it's amazing.

The Velvet Underground - I´m Waiting For The Man

Sadly Lou Reed passed away last week which is kind of weird since my girlfriend came home with the vinyl edition of Lou Reeds first album, The Velvet Underground & Nico like a month ago. A fantastic album and fantastic musician. Take a listen to the song I'm Waiting for the Man.

Han Kjøbenhavn AW13 Short Film Winter 2013

I posted a movie from Danish fashion brand Han Kjøbenhavn before because they try something different and weird when it comes to their communication and branding. 

And now they strike again with a surreal ad. Again it's absolutely weird, but still cool. 


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